I long,
as does every human being,
to be at home wherever I find myself.
....Maya Angelou
Fun & Laughter
Freedom & Healing
Lightness of Spirit


"Working with Pam has changed my life. I used to wake up in the morning more tired than when I went to bed. My whole body hurt, I was depressed & I had given up hope of every getting better. After my 1st Session with Pam I felt better than I have in 10+ years. I have been working with her for a few months now & I am happier; I have more energy; I enjoy my job more & my marriage even seems to be happier." ...SR

"What a miracle it is to me that you are able to help me when no one else could - & a blessing to know that with allot of hard work, I can have hope in a future filled with peace because of the things that you are teaching to me".

"The healing work that I have done with Pam has changed my life. I feel alive & I feel free. I know in the deepest part of myself, that I can do anything, if I choose to. This work is such a gift." .....FHR

"When I first came to see Pam, I would have these "pain attacks'. It was very scary, & the doctors could never find anything wrong. Pam discovered that I was suffering from allergies, & that was what was causing my pain. I feel great, & I haven't had a problem with "pain attacks" for at least 6 months. It feels really good to be pain free."

"I have carried the burdens of my past with me every single day. No matter how successful I have been in my life, I still felt like a failure. The work that I have done with Pam has allowed me to finally experience how successful & happy my life really is. My life hasn't changed to much. I have. I can now be happy, & enjoy the wonderful life that I have created." ....Sue N

"Before working with Pam, I was barely existing. I was so sad, lost, & stuck. I felt positive changes after the first session. My health is better. I am stronger. I have made changes that have been a long time coming. Maybe for the first time in my life, I know who I am. It feels great." ..........Pete R

"I don't think that I have ever lived up to my full potential. I have felt 'stuck' for as long as I remember. When Pam asked me what direction I wanted to move in.....I didn't even know. After working with Pam for a very short time, I now am deeply connected to what I want, & I am actually creating it. It is absolutely wonderful." .........Sam R