Foundational Nutrition

Let food be thy medicine,
thy medicine shall be thy food.

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The foundation of health, wellness, & healing is threefold

Eat a healthy, enjoyable, whole-food diet;
Ttransforming & releasing old "stuck" patterns; physical imbalance;
emotional trauma; outmoded beliefs & thoughts; & current life stress.
most importantly...
Live your life, joyfully & happily, with purpose,
in a manner that enriches & sustains you......

Human beings are designed to eat food. By food, I mean real food. I mean clean food. I mean whole, unprocessed, beautiful food. Enjoy what you eat. Celebrate what you eat. Relax, enjoy, slow down, & eat real food. I am well aware that in practice, this can feel easier said than done. So, start from where you are, right now. Make a few changes each & every week. After a relatively short time, your dietary habits will be transformed. You don't have to do it perfectly. There is no reason to stress out. Learning to eat in a healthier manner can actually be quite fun & enjoyable. Learning about new foods & new ways to prepare foods, is an adventure.

Many people don't even realize that most of what we are eating, is not even real food. It is manufactured with parts & pieces of food, & put together with food food-like substances & chemicals. Did you know that there is a branch of science that creates chemicals to trick our brain & our taste buds into thinking that what we are eating tastes good, even if it doesn't. What I am saying is that chemicals are being put into our food so that we aren't able to actually experience it's real taste. There are chemicals that make bitter, rancid tasting foods, taste yummy. This is really scary stuff. There is even a chemical made from the anal glands of beavers, that tricks us into thinking that we are eating something that tastes like raspberry. I find this disgusting.

There are so many conflicing messages "out there". What is actually healthy. What should I eat? What shouldn't I eat? Rather than eat a lovely Cobb salad; a homemade chicken soup filled with local seasonal vegetables, or a yummy Buckwheat cereal for your fiber needs, instead, you can have some fiber in your Splenda. Is this progress? Is this even food? Is it healthy? Even a trip to the supermarket can be overwhelming, with the variety of choices & contradicting information.

When you add sophisticated advertising to the mix, it can get very tricky. I wish we could rely on the information that is given to us, but, we cannot. Remember, the goal of advertising is not to educate us, but, rather to sell us something. Just because the package, or the commercial, or the authority, says that this box of "food - ?" is good for you, doesn't mean that it is.


    • I can help you to find your way thru this maze of confusion.
    • I can help you to explore a new relationship with food that is nurturing, health enhancing, & stress-free.
    • I will work with your body, mind, heart, & spirit so that whatever you eat, your body is able to recognize it, digest it very well, & utilize it fully & completely.
    • Using Elemental Re-Alignment, we will work together to help your body to heal any food sensitivities, deficiencies, & toxicities.
    • Most importantly, I help you to re-awaken your bodies natural wisdom, that is designed to guide you the food that is ideal for you to eat.

Our culture seems to go through phases related to how to eat.
How we should eat at any given moment, seems to change with the wind. It can feel very confusing.

Don't eat this.... eat that.
Fat is bad for you.
Fat is good for you.
Vegan is best.
Paleo is the way to go.
Am I gluten intolerant?
Who cares about what you eat..... just have a protein shake & take a supplement.

Each of us is unique & different. We have different genetic history. We live in different climates. We have different lifestyles. We have different stress levels. We are different ages. We have different levels of physical & mental activity. Some people have food sensitivities that need to be healed... & so on......

There is no perfect & ideal diet, except the one that is ideal & healthy for you. The only rules are.... eat real food!!

Ok, so what is real food? ~ How do I go about eating real food? ~ How can I tell if it is real food?
Here are a few guidelines to help you to begin your journey towards healthier eating.

Eat Mostly Organic Food
  • #1 - Eat mostly & preferably only organic food. Why? Because, chemicals, herbacides, pesticides, fungicide, gmo's & radiation are poison.
    Bottom-line, they are not good for you.
  • #2 - Eat mostly & preferably only whole foods. Why? Because, processed foods are not real food. They are manufactured, & filled with food like substances, rather than real food. Learn to make your own crackers, cakes, cookies, & snacks. Use organic, whole, & natural ingredients. You will be astounded at how good they taste, how easy they are to make & how good they can make you feel.
  • #3 - Eat mostly & preferably only pasture raised meat, dairy, & eggs. Why? Because animals that are allowed to roam free & eat what their bodies are designed to eat, rather than what they are fed in an industrialized farming environment, are healthier in so many ways. Pasture raised meat, eggs, & dairy are lower in calories & total fat. They contain higher levels of bio-available vitamins & minerals & have a much healthier balance of Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • #4 - Eat mostly local fruits & vegetables. Why? We have all bitten into a tomato that looks juicy & tasty, only to find that it tastes like paper, rather than a tomato. The reason is that most supermarket food has traveled a very long way, often from other countries & continents. In order to survive the long journey, the food is often irradiated (yes, I do mean treated with radiation), & picked long before it is ripe & fully mature. This greatly diminishes the foods' nutritional value.
  • #5 - Eat a wide variety of colors of vegetables, greens, roots, herbs, & fruits. Why? Because the colors are created by the nutrients within the foods. By eating a wide variety of colors, you are helping to ensure a balanced & healthy diet. Plus... it's tasty!!
  • #6 - Soak, sprout, or ferment your grains, nuts, legumes, & seeds before eating. Why? Grains, nuts, legumes, & seeds contain substances called anti-nutrients. Anti-nutrients are the grain, nut, legume, & seeds' way of protecting themselves. The problem with these anti-nutrients is that they inhibit or block your body from obtaining nutritrion from them & from food that is eaten in a meal with them. This can lead to serious mineral & nutritional deficiences.
  • #7 - Eat ample amounts of healthy fats. Why? Healthy fats are good for you. The fear around fat is one of those advertising/mis-education fallacies that has had a strong negative effect on our health
  • #8 - Support your body, with a chemically organic, high quality, organic food sourced foundational supplement.
  • #9 - Have fun & enjoy what you eat. Why? So many people have so much stress around food. How in the world is the body supposed to process the food that you eat in a healthy & efficient manner, if you are so worried about is the right thing to eat.
"At first I found Pam's approach to nutrtion & food to be very frustrating. I wanted someone to tell me what to eat. I wanted an instruction manual. It seemed too confusing & overwhelming. But, when I began to understand what she was saying, I realized that is was simple. All I had to do was eat food. I just had to eat real food. I found it shocking to realize that the majority of my prior diet had been made up of food like substances, rather than real food. Thank you..." Charlene H......

"When I first went to Pam, I was suffering from digestion problems, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, & fibromyalgia. I was not in a good place. I have been working with Pam for only a short period of time, & the results so far have been amazing. My digestion is back to normal; I feel calm & optimistic; I have alot more energy & my body is much more relaxed. I have learned so much about myself. I look forward to much more personal evolution & personal healing." .....Sally M

"I was very stressed out about how expensive I thought that organic food was. But, when all was said & done, I am saving money. Trust me cookies, chips, & etc... are much more expensive than real food" ....Sandra M

" I was a junk food junkie, no doubt. I did find the transition challenging. Fast food is really easy & addictive. What I liked about Pam's approach, was that she helps you to start from where you are. One step at a time. It is not about doing it perfect today. It is about making changes that are gentle, effective & maintanable. One of my favorite homework actions is to try a new food week. I will admit that some of the foods are wierd, but, most of them taste really good. I am a traveler & to make the transition to healther eating more fun for me, Pam had me take my new food choice & find a recipe from a country that I had traveled to. It was great fun" ........Janice C


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