Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers.

Customized Energetic Remedies

Utilizing the Matrix III, I am able to create a wide range of
comprehensive, & effective
Quantum Elemental Remedies.

How do you make a Quantum Elemental Remedy?

I place a bio-energetic marker(s) from each client into the Matrix III, in order to create the Foundational Remedy. Depending on which remedy I am making, I will then layer the indicated healing frequency sequences into the Foundational Remedy.

How do you layer the healing frequencies into the Foundational Remedy?

For example, lets say that I am making an Outdoor Environmental Remedy. I would place the Foundational Remedy into the treatment area. I would then place the bio-energetic marker for the client into the Assessment area, & then I would place the Environmental Collection Sample(s) into the input area. This combination & the resulting healing frequencies would be layered into the Foundational Remedy.

Next, I would place homeopathics, herbs, other products, sacred geometric crystalline symbols, Essential Oil Trilogys, & etc.... that specifically target environmental toxcicity challenges into the input area. All of these items & the resulting healing frequencies are layered into the Foundational Remedy.

Then, I would place items that specifically support the detoxification organs, energy systems, immune system, hormonal system, & etc...... of the client into the input area. All of these items & the resulting healing frequencies are also layered into the Foundational Remedy.

I will continue with the layering protocol until the Quantum Elemental Remedy is complete. The end result is a customized Vibrational Remedy designed to neutralize the vibratory frequencies of the perceived toxicities & imbalances in the Collection Sample; neutralize the vibratory frequencies of the reactive imbalances, toxicities, & deficiencies of the Client; & to energetically support the client's natural, internal healing mechanisms.

How do you know what to put into each Quantum Elemental Remedy?

I utilize the Bio-Energetic Marker & the Collection Sample to test what items are indicated for layering, into each unique Energetic Remedy.

Lets use the Outdoor Remedy as an example again. Depending upon where the Client lives, each Collection Sample will be very different from any other Energetic Remedy.

A Coastal Area Collection Sample would be quite different from one collected from a mountain, valley, or dessert area.

A Rural Farm Collection Sample would be very different from one collected in Los Angeles, an Industrial area, or a Suburban neighborhood.

The person whom the Bio-Energetic Marker came from, has a distinct genetic, health, & life-style profile, which makes their healing needs unique & specific.

The unique combination of each persons specific Bio-Energetic Marker & Collection Sample, is what indicates which item imprints are layered into each Customized Energetic Remedy.

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