You are not a human being having a spiritual experience,
you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
....Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Elemental Re-Alignment & Healing Food Sensitivities

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Throughout our day to day lives we all come into contact with many different substances, such as foods, environmental chemicals, beauty products, household products, medicines, supplements, viruses, bacteria, fungi, & much, much more. Each time your body is exposed to a particular substance, it has to decide how to react. This initial reaction is a critical process, because it puts in motion a specific series of bio-energetic processes.

I believe that the majority of nutritional imbalances & sensitivities originate in the Energy System. So, the Energy System is where nutritonal healing needs to begin. Our modern world, has placed our Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit under extreme amounts of stress. This stress is often daily, chronic & ongoing. When the stress that the body is experiencing moves it from a balanced & harmonious state to an imbalanced state, an increasing number of Elemental Mis-Alignments, & Short Circuits will begin to occur.

It is normal & common for the body to experience short circuits & mis-alignments throughout the day. This is just part of the daily business of the body. When the mind, body, heart, & spirit are in harmonious & healthy balance, these short circuits & mis-alignments are corrected during the time when we are asleep. Problems begin to occur, when the body is chronically out of balance, because then it is not able to heal the short circuits & mis-alignments during sleep time. The end result is that the short circuits & mis-alignments will become chronic & begin to create a cascade of increasing imbalance of mind, body, heart, & spirit.

I believe that this chronic imbalance of mind, body, heart, & spirit & the resulting disharmony of the energy system, is the where "dis" ease of Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit begins, & is maintained. So, once again, the Energy System is where healing needs to begin.

One of the ways that these short circuits & mis-alignments express themselves is as an Elemental Mis-Recognition (EMR). An Elemental Mis-Recognition (EMR) is when the bodies energy system doesn't correctly recognize a specific food, nutrient, chemical, environmental substance, or internal bio-chemical. If the energy system doesn't correctly recognize a particular substance, it won't be able to correctly categorize the substance & all manner of imbalanced effects can occur.

For example, if you eat something & the body correctly recognizes it as a positive & beneficial substance, the body will initiate a vigorous, healthy, & efficient digestive process. This will maximize the absorption & the utilization of the nutrients contained within the food that you have eaten.

If instead, the food that was eaten is incorrectly recognized, i.e. mis-recognized by the body, a completely different series of events can occur. Your body might mount an immune attack on the substance, resulting in a food sensitivity, allergic reaction, body aches & pains, digestive upset, or even inflammation; your digestive system might try to expel the food, by shutting down, vomiting or having diarrhea so as to expel the substance; or your body might try to utilize the nutrients contained in the food in a manner that doesn't support health & wellness.

If your body begins to chronically mis-recognize a particular food, it can create a "sensitivity" to the specific nutrients within that food, & this sensitivity can then transfer to other foods that contain similar nutrients. This is often why people who have nutritional sensitivities seem to become more & more sensitive to more & more things.

There are three basic types of Elemental Mis-Alignments:

1. A beneficial substance can be mis-recognized as a not-beneficial substance.
2. A not-beneficial substance can be mis-recognized as a beneficial substance.
3. A particular substance can be un-recognized.

When the body correctly recognizes a substance that is non-beneficial, such as a virus, bacteria, or toxin, it will do it's best to expel it in a safe & efficient manner. When the body mis-recognizes a not-beneficial substance, instead of trying to efficiently expel the substance, it might instead try to protect it, or even enhance it's absorption & utilization. This mis-recognition could result in a wide variety of bio-energetic "short-circuits", which could then create increasing mis-alignments, & Elemental Mis-Recognitions.

What if the body mis-recognized a beneficial neurotransmitter, such as dopamine as being a harmful substance? Rather than utilizing this beneficial substance, it would try to excrete it as quickly as possible. What if the body mis-recognized a toxic metabolic waste product as being beneficial. Rather than excreting this toxic substance as quickly as possible, it might try to re-utilize it instead. These internal scenarios have the potential of causing a wide range of health issues.

In order for each of us to experience health & vitality, it is so important that the body is able to recognize each particular substance correctly.

The good news, is that since this Elemental Mis-Recognitions begin in the Energy System, their healing can be initiated within the Energy System, by utilizing a cutting-edge, gentle, & effective Quantum Healing modality, such as, Elemental Re-Alignment. Elemental Re-Alignment is a form of Holographic Re-Alignment. ERA

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