You can practice deep listening in order to relieve the suffering in us,
and in the other person.
That kind of listening is described as compassionate listening.
You listen only for the purpose of relieving suffering in the other person.
....Thich Nhat Hanh

Aligning Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit using Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls

The Healing Power of Sound

The sound of a Crystal Singing bowl is both haunting & spiritualy uplifting, as it seems to awaken an ancient remembering & inner knowingness, by touching the center of the soul. What does this mean? How is this concept explained & understood? Is it the blending of the crystal from which the bowls are made, a song as old as the ages from the source of all creation, or is it something else....something even older... deeper & even more pure?.....

Everything that exists vibrates, from the tiniest atom, to the entirety of the universe itself. Whether we can hear it or not.... When something is vibrating, it is producing sound.

Many cultures & religions revere sound so deeply, that they believe that conciousness via sound itselft called the universe into material being. In the Hindu traditions. it is thought that..... All was quiet & dark before the beginning, until the first movement in the universe created the sound "OM". It is the mother tone, the portential of all possibilities, the sacred birthing that contains all the frequencies that are in existence. The Bible often refers to the "Word" of God. It is thought that the "Word" is the first original sound, that created the heavens & the earth.

The Aboriginal people of Australia are one of the first known cultures to use sound in their healing practices.. The ‘yidaki, known as the didgeridoo, has been used as a healing tool for for over 10.000 years. The Aborigines have supported the healing of broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses of every kind by using this powerful & beautiful musical instrument.

The Egyptian culture extends back to at least 4000 BC & has a long tradition of using a type of vowel sound chant in both their healing work & in their spiritual traditons. Egyptian priestesses used the sistra, a type of musical rattle instrument with metal discs that creates not only a pleasant sound but, also also generates frequencies that are below the level of concious perception, at the level of what in our modern times is called "ultrasound". Ultrasound freequencies are still in use today in our modern health system.

In ancient Egypt, when priests sang hymns to the Gods, they sang the seven vowels of creation in an orderly succession. These sounds were considered to be so beautiful that this type of music was often prefered over other types of music, such as the flute or the lyre.

Science has shown that sound can produce changes in the various systms of the body, such as the autonomic, immune, endocrine & neurological systems. Every atom, molecule, cell, tissue, & organ system of the human body absorbs, reacts to sound, & also creates it's own sound. Every cell of your body emits it's own unique sound & in concert with the other cells of your body, creates the unique "sound"/vibration/frequency that is you. What a beautiful concept.

The Ancient practice of Sound Healing is being used by many modern doctors & scientists in their Healing Practice. Edgar Cayce said, "Sound is the medicine of the future". Technological sound healing devices first appeared in 1928 when a German scientist, Erwin Schliephake discovered that sound accelerated healing. He then created an acoustic device known as the Novasonic, which is still in use today.

Peter Guy Manners, a British osteopath, developed an audible sound healing modality during the 1950s that today is called Cymatherapy ® & is also still in use.

Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, is the author of the book, Sounds of Healing. He uses crystal singing bowls and Tibetan toning bowls in his practice with cancer patients. He has made a thorough study of sound healing in combination with a holistic approach to mind-body healing.

Resonance is a basic concept of sound healing. In the context of living beings, resonance can be described as the "resting frequency" of vibration of a specific cell, organ, system, or living being. Another way to look at this concept is that every cell, organ, system, or living being has a frequency that is most natural or innate. This "resting frequency" is known as the prime resonance.

Individual sounds/frequencies do not live in isolation. The unique sounds/frequencies of each of your cells combine to form the unique sounds/frequencies of each of your organs & systems, which then combine in a living, creative whole, along with the unique sound/frequencies of your Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, & Spirit to exist as the unique "Sound/Frequency/Vibration" that is you.

Whether we can percieve it or not, everything has a sound/frequency/vibration. Toxins, pesticides, GMO's, anger, genetic predisposition to a disease, fear, judgment, happiness, joy, love, &/or etc.... all have their unique sound experession/virbration/frequency. These frequencies can imprint upon a living beings' unique frequencies & create increased balance or imbalance, increased happiness or unhappiness, & increased health or ill-health. By unitilizing Sound Therapy, we can gently & easily help the system to release the unhealthy frequencies it has been exposed to & move back to a place health, inner peace, happiness, & wellness.

Color is sound made visible,
sound is the voice of color.

Using Crystal Singing Bowls allows us access to the most basic essence of life, spirit, & material existence. The experience of Crystal Singing Bowls is harmonious, serene, transformational, often profound & lasting in effect.

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