Mental Energies ~ Ownership

Man's goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.
....Nelson Mandala

"Ownership" is a spiritual choice, made in good intention with often disasterous consequences for all involved. An "ownership" choice is made out of love & caring. It is a "critical choice" made by a mother or father, in relationship to their child; a child, in relationship to their mother or father; a sibling, in relationship to another sibling; a person, in relationship to their spouse or lover; & even a friend, in relationship to their friend.

An "ownership" choice is often unconscious, made in less than a split-second, & has a strong impact on the life paths of all involved. Each of us comes to this life, with our own karma, past life experiences, life lesson opportunities, ancestral archetypes, intentions, & etc...

An "ownership" choice occurs when we see someone we deeply love & care for struggling with their karma, life-path, or life lessons. Without even realizing it, we offer to take this "burden" from them. "I will do this for you. I will take this burden, I love you so much, that I do not want you to struggle". Remember... this is done unconsciously & virtually instantaneously.

An "ownership" choice often occurs in the womb, or early after the birth experience. It can happen anytime during the life cycle, but, more often occurs earlier in life.

The result is that the person who has had their karma, life lesson, or struggle taken from them, initially feels a sense of freedom & lightness. But, ultimately finds that their is something rich, deep, & important missing from their life. The over-coming, healing, re-patterning, & transforming of this "struggle/life pattern" is a foundational part of their life journey. It is a substantial piece of how they discover their true spiritual nature. If they are not able to do this healing work in this life, they will take this "struggle/life pattern" into their next life & begin again.

The person who has taken on this "struggle/life pattern", will find that this "struggle/life pattern"" will follow then throughout their life. No matter what they do, they cannot fully heal this life pattern of mind, body, heart, & spriit.... because it is not theirs to heal. They only think it belongs to them. The choice to take ownership of someone elses "struggle/life pattern", will distort the person's own life path. A deep sense of disconnection from one's true nature is often the result.

You cannot heal what does not belong to you.

The Ownership process will help you to recognize the life patterns that you have taken on, that do not belong to you & to give them back to the person that they truly beong to, with love, mindfullness, & gratitude.

The Ownership process creates increased healing, freedom, empowerment, & self-awareness for all involved.

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