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White Tiger

Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables. 
....Spanish Proverb

Your mind is not your brain, nor, does your mind "live" in your brain. Your mind is a field of inteligent energy, that connects your spiritual essence with your brain, & with your body.

There is a place in the brain called the Wernicke area, where words & commands are stored. In 1996 an australian kinesiologist David Bridgman made an astounding discovery. He found that negative commands are stored in the right side Wernicke area of the brain. He also discovered how to remove these commands from where they are stored.

Commands are stored in the Wernicke area as they were originally stated to you. They are stored as if another person is saying them to you. The brain then tries to make sense of the command, by translating a "you" statement into a "I" statement. For example, a command statement that was stored as, "You are worthless", would be translated into, "I am worthless".

There are many re-patterning techniques that can do very good work with the adaptive "I" statements, but, unless the original "you" statement command, is holographically released, re-patterned, & re-aligned, your brain will continue to create new adaptive "I" statements, to prove the truth of the original command/"you" statement.. These adaptive "I" statements can have a strong impact throughout your life.

The key to removing the original command statement, is finding the exact originating language. Once the exact original command language is discovered, it can be holographically released, re-patterned, & re-aligned. The result is that the adaptive "I" statements, belief systems, actions, & behaviours begin to release, disolve, & evolve into deep healing, aligned consciousness, & spiritual evolution.

Have you have ever been told that "you are not good enough", "you will never be happy without me", you're stupid", "it is your fault", "you are too fat", "you aren't pretty enough", "you're bad", "you aren't smart enough, you're mad, you'll forget, you won't remember, ?

It doesn't matter if the person who said these things to you intended to cause harm. If you perceived this person to be an authority, powerful, or important, then the words that were spoken had a very good chance of becoming implanted in your Wernicke area. If this happend, domino effect of a Command could be impacting your entire life... Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, & Spirit.

There are many wonderful & effective tools to work on repatterning your negaive belief systems. Most of these work with "I","Me" & "My" statements, such as:. "I am not good enough", "I am stupid", "It is always my fault" & etc.. If negative belief originates from an "I" statement, then the results should be positive & healing in nature. But, if the negative belief originates from a "You" statement, the healing results will be fleeting at best.

This specific kinesiology procedure enables a person to REMOVE the sabotaging commands from the brain. Instant improvement is generally noted in the person who has done this.

These commands can be put in our brain either unintentionally (as by our parents) or intentionally (as by the mind controllers).

These commands are hidden in the brain a bit like the way that 'drop down menus' are hidden on the computer screen. Sometimes you can't see the menus, but they are still there. When you do the correct kinesiology procedure, the sabotaging commands "drop down" and then you can delete them. But they do not all appear at once. It can take a number of sessions to get rid of them.

This is a simple, revolutionary and very powerful procedure.

The key to doing these corrections successfully is to get the EXACT wording. Generally, throughout these sessions it would take up to seven attempts each time to get the precise wording. Mostly the correct wording would be found after two or three attempts. Throughout these sessions, I did not record our incorrect attempts to find the commands. Only the successful attempts were recorded.

I can still remember the evening when a group of about 30 kinesiologists learned the Wernicke’s correction for the first time from David Bridgman. After being taught by David, we paired up to work on another person and to be worked on.

I was surprised how easily the man who was working on me was able to help me to work out what the sabotaging commands in my brain were. He didn’t look particularly sensitive or psychic, but after I told him what areas in my life I was having trouble with, he asked me a few questions and within a few attempts he had the sentence we were looking for.

When it was my turn to work on him, I saw that it was almost as if the sentence was written on his forehead!

The next day I had a very powerful experience. I was feeling VERY happy, after having a number of Wernicke’s commands removed from me. I was sitting on a bus in the early morning, traveling with a lot of people who were going to work.

I was seated at the front of the bus facing the rest of the people. I was observing how very sad and depressed they looked, and that they almost had a ‘grey’ color to their faces.

Suddenly, it was almost as though again I could “see” the Wernicke’s commands written on their foreheads – and there were hundreds of them!!! Some of them were VERY negative.

Now I almost cringe when I hear the things that people say to their children, for example in the supermarket. I wish I could explain to them that they need to find a more supportive way to say what they need to say. I was told once at a seminar that a study showed that many children hear over 300 negative things a day, and about 30 positive ones.

By now, you might have begun to realize the absolute importance of not invalidating or evaluating others at any time. Especially, I hope you see how absolutely critical it is if, when in conversation with someone, if you won’t stop yourself from saying something negative, that at the very least you don’t generalize. Generalizations can become very powerful, negative commands. Instead, be specific.

Never, ever say things like “you are stupid” or "You're a bad boy". You may give them a Wernicke’s Command that may affect them for the rest of their life. Instead, you could say something specific like “that was a silly thing you did" or "that was a naughty thing to do".

Never say things that apply forever like “you’re never on time”. Just say instead something specific such as “you’re late today”.


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