About Pam

The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen, nor touched,
but are felt in the heart.
......Helen Keller


Pam has enthusiastically commited herself to learning, exploring, & mastering the field of Holographic Re-Alignment first as a student, practitioner & researcher & then as a teacher & educator. In the early 90's Pam lost both her husband, & her mother to cancer. These experiences of illness & deep loss motivated her to leave the world of corporate real estate in 1993, & to begin her own personal healing journey. By early 1994 she knew that she had found her life calling, & she began her education, training, & research in the field of Holistic Health, Healing, & Wellness. Continuing to this day, her dedication to ongoing education & research continues.

"I feel that the type of work that I do is still in it's infancy. It is both my passion & my responsibility to continue to learn more & grow in my role as a Holographic Re-Alignment Practitioner.. I believe that virtually anything can be healed. We just need to find the way. That is what I do my absolute best to do, with each & every client"...... Pamela S. Robinson

Pam began her private healing & wellness practice in 1997, & is the founder & developer of Holographic Re-Alignment, Aroma-Emotional Re-Patterning & Life Path Kinesiology.

Holographic Re-Alignment is an integrative Holistic Healing Art that combines the science of subltle energies, the principles of Transpersonal Psychology, Holistic Counseling, Traditional Chinese Medicine, EMR Detoxification, Energetic Environmental Detoxification, Western Style Bodywork, Foundational Nutrition, Homeopathy, Flower Eseences, Aromatherapy, Aroma-Emotional Repatterning, & Life Path Kinesiology with the intent of supporting each person's unique healing journey, spiritual growth, & conscious transformation.


Holistic Health Practitioner

Life Path Kinesiology Master Level

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Foundational Nutrition

Quantum Elemental Re-Alignment

Depth Healing & Re-Alignment Master Level

Aroma-Emotional Repatterning Master Level

Reiki Master


Flower Essence Practitioner

One Brain Practitioner

Five Element Theory

Massage Therapy & Holistic Bodywork


Her Healing Studio is based in Boise Idaho, in the lovely Treasure Valley,
at the base of the Rocky Mountains..
She works, & teaches both localy, & in many wonderful places around the world.

Contact Information

Pamela S. Robinson
(208) 850-1830

May Your Journey be Gentle"

"Pam has changed my life. Or, more correctly as she puts it....She has unleashed my natural healing energy. Well whatever she has done for me.... It has worked miracles in my life. I can't find the words to express how grateful I am."
Thank You ........Ben D

"I had given up believing that I could change. No matter what I did, I always ended up back at the same place. Pam has helped me to believe in myself. It has been quite a journey, & finally I am beginning to enjoy it. Besides the healing work that we do in session, I truly appreciate the "tools" that Pam has taught me. This healing work has helped me to be happier & healthier than I have ever been."
.... Estelle S

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